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After-sales service and support
Not Run Of The Mill

With over 10 years in the x-ray service, maintenance and repair industry, you can be assured our dedicated x-ray technicians will be your team to help you get your x-ray equipment up and running fast, and at a fair price so you don’t spend too much money, lose business, or get into non-compliance issues with the governing authorities.

Our Services

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring technical skills, troubleshooting, and ideas to our service matrix.

Emergency Service

We pride ourselves in responding to service requests 24/7. If you have an emergency please call us at (800) 652-3123

Service Agreements

Our Service Agreement packages offer a range of possibilities; we also offer the option of creating a tailored package to meet specific needs.

H.A.R.P. / Acceptance Testing / Room Drawings

Medna Chiropractic performs routine HARP and QA inspections following the latest regulations. We also help X-ray veterinarians and industrial facilities with a variety of services: consulting, relocation, room planning and shielding, Ministry drawings for leading certification.

Consulting Service

Our professional team can provide you with advice regarding government Ministry regulations, department layouts, and assist you in choosing the right type of equipment.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance will improve system performance and decrease future down time.

Continuing Education

Medna Chiropractic is a continuing participant and supporter of radiology seminars, and conferences.